Kumchacha lists his properties

After more than three decades in the gospel ministry, Prophet Nicholas Osei, also known as Prophet Kumchacha, has boasted about the accomplishments he has made so far. Contrary to the perception that he is poor and depends on social media clout for survival, Kumchacha claims he is extremely wealthy behind the scenes. Speaking in an exclusive interview with Zionfelix, Kumchacha boasted that he has over 5000 cattles, an empty 12-bedroom mansion, as


The contentious man of God boasted that he has an abundance of vehicles, some of which are even parked inside empty homes that he has forgotten about.

Kumchacha, who is known for commenting on hot-button matters, asserted bravely that he is extremely financially secure and does not require anyone’s assistance to survive.


He also refuted the myth that he relies on donations from churchgoers to support his family.


This is the first time Kumchacha has spoken openly about his properties; despite his chattiness, he rarely discusses his personal life.


He continues to be passionate about running for president and hopes to do so in 2024.

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