Medikal reportedly denied US visa over 2021 gun incident

It has been reported by GhanaWeb that the Ghanaian rapper Medikal has been turned down for a visa to enter the United States.


After going to the interview at the Embassy in Accra on Tuesday, June 21, the AMG rapper was reportedly informed that he would not be granted the visa. The information was provided by GhanaWeb sources.


It has been stated that Medikal was not granted the visa because he brandished a firearm, which resulted in his sentence at the beginning of this year.


According to reports, another member of his label, AMG Armani, was also denied a visa.




In February of 2022, Medikal received a conviction for flashing a gun in a public place. A Circuit Court in Accra handed him a fine of GH3,600 for his offense. In the event that he was found guilty, he would have served nine months in prison.


According to Justice Agbenorsi, who was present in the courtroom and reported her observations to Graphic Online, this occurred after the musician changed his plea and pleaded guilty to the allegation.


The court presided over by Mr. Emmanuel Essandoh ultimately accepted Medikal’s guilty plea, and he was sentenced to prison as a result.


Earlier, the well-known artist from Ghana entered a not guilty plea to the accusation against him.


The application that was submitted by Medikal’s legal team to have the court order the police to release the Ruger nine-millimeter pistol that belongs to the musician was anticipated to receive a ruling from the court.


On the other hand, when the case was called that morning (Monday, February 21, 2022), Medikal informed the judge that he wished to modify his plea.


After hearing the accusations read to him, he immediately entered a guilty plea to all of them.


Counsel for Medikal, Mr. Emmanuel Yeboah Gyan, who was representing Bobby Banson in the lawsuit, dropped their representation of the musician not long after the case was rescheduled.


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