More than 50 feared dead in Nigeria church attack, officials say

On Sunday, armed men stormed a Catholic church in southwestern Nigeria, opened fire inside, and then detonated explosives inside. The attack resulted in the deaths of dozens of worshippers.


Legislator Ogunmolasuyi Oluwole stated that the assailants targeted the St. Francis Catholic Church in Ondo state just as the attendees were gathering on Pentecost Sunday.


He also mentioned that there were several youngsters among the deceased.


Adelegbe Timileyin, who represents the Owo district in Nigeria’s lower legislative house, stated that the presiding priest was also taken captive by the kidnappers.


Ondo’s governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, expressed his state’s sentiments on Sunday, saying, “Our hearts are sad.” The enemies of the people have made an attempt to disrupt the peace and tranquility that we have here. Although the authorities did not immediately announce an official death toll, Mr. Timileyin stated that there had been at least 50 persons slain, while other people put the total higher.



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Videos that appeared to have been taken at the scene of the attack showed churchgoers crying over victims who were lying in pools of blood inside the building.


According to a statement released by his spokesperson, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari stated that “only fiends from the nether region could have imagined and carried out such diabolical atrocity.”


“No matter what happens, this nation will never capitulate to wicked and bad individuals, and the forces of darkness will never prevail over the forces of light. Mr. Buhari, who was elected after promising to end Nigeria’s protracted security crisis, has asserted that his country will eventually emerge victorious.


Pope Francis reacted after hearing the news of the incident while he was in Rome.


The Pope is aware of the attack on the church in Ondo, Nigeria, which resulted in the deaths of dozens of attendees, including a large number of children, who were attending the celebration of Pentecost.


“While the details are being clarified, Pope Francis prays for the victims and the country, which has been painfully affected at a time of celebration, and entrusts them both to the Lord so that he may send his spirit to console them,” a statement issued by the Vatican press office said. “While the details are being clarified, Pope Francis prays for the country, which has been painfully affected at a time of celebration.”


There was an immediate lack of clarity regarding the perpetrator(s) of the attack on the church.


Ondo is largely recognized as one of the most tranquil states in Nigeria, in contrast to the majority of Nigeria, which has faced with various security challenges.


However, the state finds itself in the middle of a growing and increasingly violent struggle between herders and farmers.

Nigeria Ondo State Catholic church attack

A politician named Oluwole stated, “In all of Owo’s history, we have never been witness to something as heinous as this occurrence.” “This is far beyond reasonable.” There was no quick response from the security services of Nigeria to concerns about how the incident took place or whether there are any leads concerning suspects.


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