Mother of boy whose step mum beat to death cries uncontrollably as she breaks silence [Video]

Angel Mensah, the mother of a four-year-old boy who was allegedly beaten to death by his stepmother at Santa Maria in Accra, said, “I am unable to pay the expenses at the hospital; please help me so that I would be able to bury my kid.



The 19-year-old mother sobbed hysterically as she described how the boy was subjected to cruel treatment that ultimately caused his death while seated behind the microphone in the studios of Adom FM and wearing a black jumper.Belington Hatchful, who was also stupid and deaf, reportedly passed away on August 20, 2022, a Saturday.


The boy’s grandmother, Stella Hatchful, who confirmed the occurrence, claimed that the boy was allegedly tortured by the boy’s stepmother, Sandra, who is only 19 years old.


But Miss Mensah claimed that if his father had not dragged him out from her aunt’s house out of necessity during their interview on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem on Friday, his son would not have died.”I used to live with my son after being kicked out of my boyfriend’s apartment. I had to take him to my aunt because my profession needed me to travel. One day, while I was there, my aunt called to let me know that the boy’s father, Collins, had arrived to pick him up. When I phoned Collins to find out why he came for the son, he stated he didn’t want to keep sending me money, just be with him. He has blocked my number and has refused to give me access to his son ever since he came for him, she sobbed. He even prevented us from speaking on his birthday.The mother claimed that he gave birth to his son while still in school at the age of 15, and that she did not see him again until her ex-boyfriend contacted to say that he was ill.”I was at home last Tuesday when Collins called to say that my son had slipped and fallen, but his mother gave me a different account of how the youngster had been mistreated.


She stated, “I hurried to the hospital just to discover my kid lying down lifeless with bruises all over him only to be informed later that he has given up the ghost.”


As she gets ready to bury her son, Miss Mensah is pleading with the public for help. She has prayed to God to punish her ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend for killing her son.She sobbed, “My son’s body is at Ridge Hospital and because I can’t acquire money to pay the expenses, they keep mounting. So I ask the public to help me pay the fees and bury my son as well because I want him to be buried as soon as possible.”


In the meantime, Sandra, the stepmother, is being held at the Sowutuom Police Station while inquiries are being made.



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