On 10,785 kilometers of new road claims, Akufo Addo was mislead – Sam George

President Akufo-Addo was mislead, according to Ningo Prampram MP Sam George, when he declared the government had built 10,875 kilometers of new roads in the last five years.


Mr. George and other members of the Minority Party are suspicious of the President’s statistics.


“Let’s call it what it is: a spade.” The president had been duped. On The Big Issue, he added, “It won’t be the first time.”


He went on to say that the President should not have taken the numbers he was given for his State of the Nation Address at their value.


We would have expected the president to be more diligent. At the very least, if he had spent more time reading and evaluating the speech rather than being content to [urge us to open our eyes.]”


He also demanded that the government share more information about the roads it claims to have built.


Kwame Agbodza, the Ranking Member of Parliament’s Roads and Transport Committee, called on the administration to back the President’s data update, threatening to quit as MP for Adaklu if the President was correct.


“Make a list of all the roads and their distances. This is what they’ve done, they can say in Tolon. This is what they’ve done in Ningo Prampram.”


Mr. George said, “If they are unable to do so, the president owes us an apology and should also quit.”


Following President Akufo-update Addo’s on roads built during his presidency, the Roads and Highways Ministry tried to explain his data, stating that the 10,875 kilometers of roads built included ongoing unpaved road development.


Any operation on the road, according to the ministry, is considered construction.


Grading, gravelling, re-graveling, and spot improvement are among the construction services provided by the Ministry on unpaved roads.


It further claims that by the end of 2021, the anticipated road network would have grown to 94,203 kilometers.


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