Over a family land dispute in Wa, a retired lecturer was shot dead and four others were critically injured

Stephen Mani, a 64-year-old retired lecturer from the Dr Hilla Limann Technical University, died untimely after being shot by a stray bullet fired during an alleged dispute over a tract of family land.

After a horrific shooting event a few meters away from the Wa SSNIT Flat, he was pronounced dead at the Wa Municipal Hospital.


While retired, the deceased ran a bar 400 meters from the scene of the accident.


Four additional people who were not involved in the dispute were hit by gunfire and are claimed to be in critical condition at the same hospital.


These five fatalities, according to sources, had no link to the supposed family land dispute.


One of the casualties is a 19-year-old SD Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies Level 100 student.


“As I approached, this dude was standing there firing three other men.” So, when I noticed he was shooting from the direction I was coming from, I parked the motorcycle and ran. He stated that “as I was running, he pointed the gun at me and shot my hand.”

The event is being investigated by the police, who said they will get to the bottom of it.


“When they arrived at the crime scene, they met a man named Abdul, who was 61 years old.”He is currently with the police while investigations are proceeding,” officials said. Meanwhile, the 64-year-old retired lecturer’s remains have been placed in the Wa Municipal Hospital morgue pending autopsy.



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