Pappy Kojo exposes the true cause for his breakup with Joey B

Pappy Kojo, a Ghanaian hip-hop artist, has revealed the real reason why his friendship with Joey B, a fellow artist, ended badly.

“There was a woman behind our split,” Pappy Kojo claims.


After dropping their debut collabo that created ripples in the media realm, Pappy Kojo and Joey B became one of the industry’s best buds.


They continued to release hit songs until 2019, when they broke up due to issues they were unable to resolve.


After a while, people began to wonder what had happened to the two close friends’ friendship.


After a few years of separation, the Fante rapper has spoken up about the reason for their split.


In a phone interview with “The Real Is Back,” he revealed that their split was caused by a lady he referred to as “Delilah.”


This comes after the host asked if a woman was the reason for their breakup, and Pappy Kojo said that the root of their conflict was a woman.


“I’m aware that it’s about a girl, but I’ve never kidnapped anyone’s girlfriend.” Let’s do it the traditional way if I fuck someone’s fiancée. “I’m all set,” he declared.

Source :Ghanaweb news online 




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