Pastor Prince Elisha drops a deadly prophecy about John Mahama

Pastor Prince Elisha Osei Kofi, the founder and head of Springs of Grace Executive Fellowship and Pastor Prince Ministries, has urged John Mahama to visit his father’s grave right away lest he receive some unfavorable news in the coming days. The cleric claims that the former president’s adversaries are working nonstop behind the scenes to ensure that he loses a loved one very soon.


On Kingdom FM, Pastor Prince used parables to suggest that John Mahama should visit his father’s grave as soon as possible or risk losing a treasure.


John Mahama doesn’t need to visit the renowned man of God for advice on how to stop the impending disaster, he continued.


However, he should simply follow his advice, i.e. To perform and observe some long-awaited spiritual rites and rituals, he visits his father’s grave.


If John Mahama does not go to his father’s grave, according to Pastor Prince’s message, he may lose the 2024 elections and also discover that a very important person to him has passed away.


If John Mahama wants to stop the disaster looming over his head, he should treat his prophecy urgently, as suggested by Pastor Prince.


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