Police and Presidency perceived as Ghana’s most corrupt institutions – Afrobarometer

The Ghana Police Service and the President’s Office are thought to be the most corrupt organizations in the nation.



These were the findings of a study conducted by the Ghana Center for Democratic Development using the Afrobarometer (CDD-Ghana).



The study discovered that the Police, with a score of 65 percent, was at the top of the food chain, while the Presidency came in at 55 percent.



Additionally, with a score of 54%, the research ranked members of parliament as the third category of persons.Positive evaluations of the President’s performance, according to the assessment, fell by 31 percentage points between 2019 and 2022, from 61 percent to 30 percent.


Following suit in that order were judges and magistrates, tax officials, and the Electoral Commission.

Afrobarometer reports

This was announced at a gathering in Accra that the CDD-Ghana organized.


The project focused on corruption, democratic government, and institutional trust.Adult residents chosen at random from a nationally representative sample served as the research sample. The 2,400 sample members were dispersed throughout the states, provinces, and urban and rural areas in accordance with their percentage of the total population of the country.


Fieldwork for Round 9 was done in Ghana from April 4 through April 20, 2022.




The analysis states that from 2019 and 2022, trust in the Presidency decreased by a further 25%.

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