Police arrest 37 motor riders for road offences

A sweep conducted by the Assin Fosu Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate resulted in the arrest of 25 motorcycle riders and 12 tricycle riders, according to the Fosu Police (MTTD).


The riders, who consisted primarily of young people, were taken into custody at several points scattered throughout the Assin Fosu Municipality.


Some of the infractions included operating motorcycles without having them registered, riding without wearing helmets, and operating vehicles without having licenses or insurance.


According to the Divisional MTTD commander, ASP Kwabena Oduro Boateng, the purpose of the operation is to crack down on lawlessness on the roads and reduce the number of accidents that occur.


“The vast majority of fatal incidents that take place in this region are brought on by motorbike riders who either speed recklessly or attempt to pass slower cars in an unsafe manner, causing them to collide with other vehicles,”


ASP Kwabena Oduro Boateng made the announcement that those who were detained will be brought before the Assin Fosu court to face the full weight of the law.


On the other hand, he advised motorcyclists who refused to follow the rules to stop riding unregistered motorcycles and committing other violations of road traffic laws.


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