Police issues SOS message after parts of Accra gets submerged from hours of rainfall

After many hours of rain caused flooding in certain areas of Accra, the Ghana Police Service has issued a warning to motorists and commuters to exercise ccaution.


In a message made on social media, the service strongly recommended that locals stay away from low-lying and flood-prone locations as much as they can.


According to the post, patrol teams have been sent out, and they are now on the ground to assure everyone’s safety.


Everyone who finds themselves in a precarious situation as a result of the weather has been instructed to call either the 18555, 191, or 112 number for assistance from the police.


After a few hours of rain, the drains at Adabraka, Osu, Kaneshie First Light, Trade Fair, and Accra Central were unable to hold the floodwaters that were caused by the precipitation.


Because of this, there was traffic congestion because some vehicles were unable to navigate their way through the floodwaters.

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