Police on manhunt for step-father, mother, ‘area boys’ who molested 15yr-old-girl The Eastern regional Police commander

The Eastern regional Police commander who went to check on the victim has initiated a search for the individuals suspected of being involved in the incident. In addition, the command is requesting that residents come forward with any information that can lead to the capture of the offenders.


In response to his daughter’s claimed waywardness, the stepfather, whose name was only supplied as Kofi, hired and led a group of guys from the neighborhood to abuse and sexually molest the victim.


It was said that the victim left the house on Friday, May 27, 2022, and did not return until Saturday morning, which prompted the stepfather to organize some boys from the neighborhood to beat her up. However, the boys ended up torturing and sexually assaulting the victim while they were beating her up.


The visual begins with the victim brushing her teeth in the morning when the three boys holding canes attacked her and poured water over her. This was captured on video that was intercepted by GhanaWeb. After that, they began violently dumping large amounts of water on her while simultaneously yelling something along the lines of “Today, we’ll wash a vehicle.”


After the victim began sobbing uncontrollably, one of her attackers, who the victim consistently referred to as Paapa, began removing her upper clothing, leaving her with only her braziers on. This occurred while the victim was still sobbing.


After that, another youngster joins him as they hold her by the hands and legs and forcibly remove her “skin-tight” trousers, which results in her being left stark nude as a result of the process.


They then stripped her naked and began to beat and cane her while they were in the process of marching her into a neighboring bush. Paapa then inserts his fingers into her private region after groping her hard from behind earlier in the conversation.


The video then shows a man who is later revealed to be the victim’s stepfather appearing in the footage with a cane that he uses to cruelly whip her as well.


As they bring her back inside, the other boys now join in on the pounding that has been going on.


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