Psalm Adjeteyfio’s death has sparked outrage on social media

Psalm Adjeteyfio, often known as T.T., was a seasoned actor whose death was widely reported on social media.


According to family sources, Mr Adjeteyfio, who was most known for his part in the Ghanaian series “Taxi Driver,” died on Friday morning.


T.T. was diagnosed with a heart condition, despite the fact that the cause of death is unknown. T.T obtained government and well-to-do citizen sponsorship to have a heart expansion procedure prior to his death.



Twitter users are expressing their condolences to the departed family. They’re also spreading recordings of the seasoned actor in his prime, when he first appeared on the big screen. T.T. is regarded as a legend among some users due to his contributions to the Ghanaian film industry. Several times during T.T’s tough period, he reached out for help. Some members of the public reacted negatively, believing he had not made wise investments with the funds he was given.


Users who were offended by the attacks against T.T. have now retaliated.



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