Putting individuals in prison for consuming marijuana is a waste of time – Reggie Rockstone

Reggie Rockstone, a hiphop legend, believes it is high time for the government to consider legalizing marijuana usage by the general population because punishing people for taking the drug is pointless.

Instead of criminalizing the drug, he believes the country’s officials should consider the revenue it can bring.

He went on to say that prohibiting the substance’s recreational usage isn’t the greatest strategy to keep kids from using marijuana.


Reggie made these remarks during an April 21 interview with Asaase Radio.


He stated that marijuana has “always been my opinion” and that it should be “decriminalized.”


“I say this because we all know how the wealthy in [this] country get away with BS. You won’t do any time if you come from a ‘nice home’ and are caught with some ganja.


“But the hoods and ghettos’ young brothers and sisters – oh, they beat them up.” And by doing so, you’re creating your own monsters, because these kids will return, and their encounter with you will be different.


“They’re coming back into your house with that balaclava because you did something wrong, the law did something wrong, and the country did something wrong.” People get incarcerated for years [for consuming marijuana]. It’s a complete waste of one’s life. Besides, [with marijuana], we can now generate a lot of revenue… You’ve got a wide range of medications.”

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