Sadiq, the CEO of 3music, responds to Sista Afia’s assertions that award programs do not favor female performers

Sadiq Abdulai Abu, the CEO of 3Music Awards, has responded to Sista Afia’s assertion that award systems in Ghana do not favor female performers.


In a recent post, the singer expressed her disappointment that some female musicians had given up because of how these award programs treat them.


She also listed Gyakie and Sefa as two female musicians who she believes should be recognized for their work last year.


In a response to this, the CEO of 3Music Network, the organizers of the 3Music Awards, stressed what his organization is doing to help female singers in the country in a post seen by Ghanaweb news online.


According to him, the 3Music Women’s Brunch, 3Music Awards Woman of the Year, Emerging Women of the Year, and other programs promote women in the industry.


“Lolz, my fugitive Asuoden “wife” has written me a love letter. The difficulties that women confront in the workplace are well recognized. Industry as a whole can and must do more to improve women’s inclusion in the workplace. Our #MusicWomensBrunch campaign, led by Whitney Boakye-Mensah, aims to promote that much-needed inclusivity, as well as raise awareness of the obstacles and seek solutions that hinder women’s advancement in the business.


“Our awards board chairman, James Korsah-Brown, and the board are very concerned about the difficulties that women in the business confront, and they go to great lengths to ensure that we don’t drop the ball every time.”


“A few further measures, such as equitable airtime allocation to women and purposeful attempts to facilitate and “open the doors” to allow for their progress, are a few concepts that may see them succeeding. In the sector, there are many clever and extraordinary women. There are plenty of them. “Working on the 3Music Awards Music Woman of the Year and Emerging Woman of the Year continues to promote their work, and whenever they step up, their worth is seen,” he said.


“Ohemaa Mercy, Cina Soul, and Mona’s performance this year is still being talked about for its tremendous entertainment value to viewers,” Sadiq continued. Celestine Donkor, Diana Hamilton, Adina, Sefa, Efe Grace, Efya, Wendy Shay, Alapta Wan, Abbi Ima, and MzVee are still doing well, but they need more conscious and deliberate support to thrive. Daughters, Tagoe Sisters, Esther NYAMEKYE, Akosua Agyapong, and Ewurama Badu were all torch bearers for the tribe in the past.


Asuoden by Sista Afia is now one of the most popular songs on the internet. So the point is that they attempt and succeed. However, the difficulties that continue to keep them out and stifle their development must be addressed, as must the well-deserved concessions. I’m delighted Sista is taking the initiative to start advocating for it.”


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