Seven feared dead as private helicopter suddenly vanishes

After a helicopter that was carrying seven people went missing in the middle of its flight in Italy, members of the air force military have been called in to help with the desperate search. The whereabouts of the missing people are still unknown.


A private helicopter that went missing in Italy while it was transporting a group of seven people has prompted a massive search operation in that country.


After taking off from the Capannori Lucca Tassignano airport in Lucca, search and rescue teams have begun a desperate search for the aircraft that was scheduled to arrive in Treviso within the hour following its departure.


In spite of this, the helicopter disappeared off the radar for unexplained reasons, which caused officials to get concerned and sound the alert.


The search operation that was conducted between the regions of Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna had to be halted late yesterday evening (June 10) and restarted early this morning.


It is speculated that a company known as Roto Court, which is in the business of producing cleaning supplies and personal care items, was the one who rented the helicopter.


According to the director of the company, Giuliano Gelain, they are “certain” that the helicopter did not crash because they did not receive an emergency signal.


According to reports from the news agency ANSA, he stated that the helicopter transported consumers to and from the sites twice every day.


Gelain continued by saying, “I am confident that it did not crash since otherwise, according to the technicians, an alert signal would have been transmitted, which we have never received.”


According to La Stampa, the helicopter was transporting the Italian pilot along with six other people, four of whom were citizens of Turkey and two of whom were citizens of Lebanon.


On Thursday, June 10, around 9:30 am local time, they departed the airport, and they were scheduled to be at the destination by 10:30 am that same day.


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