Sheila Bartels, Sam George butt heads over LGBTQ+ comments

Sheila Bartels, a member of parliament for Ablekuma North, has warned the Ningo-Prampram MP against using abusive language while speaking to anyone with whom he disagrees.


Sam George previously claimed that the Ablekuma North MPs’ “silence on the floor of Parliament actually sounds more clever than these effusions of yours” in a Facebook post.


He was responding to Ms. Bartels’ assertion in an earlier interview that LGBT organizations were funding the sponsors of the anti-LGBT measure in Parliament in order to spread awareness of the issue across the nation.


Let’s leave it that way so that the environment will be the same for our children’s children, she had remarked. I assure you that if we touch it and start to emulate Sam George and his followers, our children will begin to practice LGBT in 50 years. We shouldn’t even begin it. Because the devil is a crafty beast, she continued, “I raise it all the time and remind people that this is the route when they are on it. He won’t do anything so you won’t be aware of the agenda we are pursuing and the eventual destination.


“I also believe that we should let it rest since, in order to gain acceptability for something, you must first introduce it and actively participate in generating conversation about it. You are well aware that it will begin with rage, that people will be disgusted, and so on.


There are stages that people go through before acceptance, finally. I believe that some of these individuals were paid to launch the campaign calling for the passing of legislation against LGBTQI. People who identify as LGBT should be put in jail or forced to do various things. “I believe that people have been paid because of the LGBTQ agenda, which is not for you and me. If they allow us to start talking now, it will be for our children and grandkids, she remarked.

In response to her claim that the bill’s sponsors were being paid, the Ningo Prampram MP demanded that the MP back up her assertion with documentation.


“Your quiet on the Parliamentary floor actually seems more intellectual than these effusions of yours,” he said. I take my work seriously and will not put up with ignorant people’s foolish criticism. Your accusations are serious and intended to bring shame on us as the bill’s sponsors. You and your fellow debaters would be exposed when the floor arguments started. Notice is served by this.”


The Ablekuma MP also used a Facebook post to chastise the MP for how he had described her.


Dzata Sam George, treat yourself with courtesy! When to contribute to a cause and when not to is entirely up to us! Do not blame it on agreement, weakness, or anything else. I will NEVER adopt your impolite tactics for dealing with those who disagree with you; it is unworthy of an honorable member! When His Excellency the President asserts that Ghana’s critical challenges are related to economic growth and enhancing the quality of life rather than your LGBTQI agenda, I follow his lead. My opinions and support for this position haven’t changed.


“Remember, insults are reserved for people with nothing worthwhile to say. I’ll say it again: RESPECT YOURSELF!


Later, she clarified on her Facebook post that she did not endorse the LGBTI agenda.


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