So PAINFUL: What This Guy Said To His Girlfriend Before He Died Left Many People Heartbroken

According to the Bible, all people who have passed on will rise up and fall in love once more. The only lyric that gives people new hope after losing a loved one to death is that one. Death is harsh; it robs you of the people you love and leaves you in an unimaginable state of pain.

One thing about death is that even if it happens suddenly, there are signs we simply ignore. Numerous individuals may sense when their time has come. Because of this, you frequently notice people acting strangely just before they pass away. Some simply reveal everything they did just before passing away.


After posting what her boyfriend had said to her before he passed away, one woman broke the hearts of countless people. Because of his illness, her lover had spent several days in the hospital.

They spoke through video call on the day before he passed away. You can see how ill the guy was from the screenshots she even uploaded of their video call. He appeared quite ill and was using a drip to breathe during the video conversation.


She texted him after their video conference to see how he was doing. No, he said, he’s not fine, and he’s dying. He continued by warning her that he was failing to keep it up and that she should anticipate a call from the hospital informing her that he was about to pass away.

In his final message, he promised to fulfill all of her wishes once he reached paradise and that he loved her. A few minutes later, the lady abruptly received a call from the hospital informing her that her partner had passed tragically.

This woman was in so much pain after his death. On social media, she has been sharing their pictures and videos. It still seems like a dream to her. She even admitted that she had been calling in the hopes that he would answer and admit it was a prank.

Many folks were devastated after seeing this. Even if you don’t personally know the girl, you will find her story to be very moving. She has been receiving messages from people encouraging her to feel better.

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