Sonnie Badu goes hard on Baba Rahman

Even before we played in our first game, Ghanaians protested about Baba Rahman’s membership in the national squad as if they knew what the future held. Baba Rahman has been identified as our setback in the senior national team, along with Jordan and Dede Ayew.


After all, absent favoritism and corruption, how is it possible that a player like Gideon Mensah was benched in order for Baba Rahman to play?

Because GFA president Kurt Okraku is Baba Rahman’s agent, it appears that he receives adequate playing time despite his appalling performance. This corruption has dogged Ghanaian football for years.


Sonnie Badu has angrily and emotionally questioned why Baba Rahman is permitted to play the full 90 minutes when there are better players on the bench in response to yesterday’s disastrous loss to Uruguay.

Adding his voice to the criticisms, the Ghanaian Gospel minister said “if this guy can still play full 100 mins then I can play for GHANA… Look at the balls he could not even connect?“.

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