Teacher Kwadwo exposes GES again in renewed social media rant

The conflict between Teacher Kwadwo and the Ghana Education Service (GES) does not appear to have been resolved after all.


The comedian has continued his tirade on social media by revealing how the Service singled him out for harassment and fired him despite the fact that he assisted in the construction of a new building for the elementary school in his community.


He claims that since then, GES and the headmaster of the school have come to the conclusion that they would not use the new classroom block and instead have converted it into a makeshift hostel.


What astounds Teacher Kwadwo, as he revealed in the video that he shared, is that the poor students are still being housed and taught in the run-down school structure while the new block becomes a white elephant. This is something that he revealed in the video that he shared.


Teacher Kwadwo penned the following:


They tried everything they could to force me to delete this video from my phone, but I refused to comply. As a result, their next plan was to plant evidence against me and get me fired from my job. All of the individuals listed below are complicit in the devious scheme.


My firing was premeditated by these individuals.


Mr. George Sarfo Kantanka is the Director of Human Resources for the AKROFUOM District.


Mr David Tetteh PRO:


Planning Officer, Mr. Charles Clifford Baah:


Research Officer: Daniel Kwaku Gyasi Daniel Kwaku Gyasi


Ernest Okyere Eyison


The Honourable D.C.E.

Because of his infraction, Teacher Kwadwo was terminated from his position as a teacher in the Ghana Education Service. After a number of months have passed, he has come to the conclusion that there are scores he needs to settle with the service.


It is clear that Teacher Kwadwo is determined to get his message through on the discrimination and character assassination that is taking place in the Ghana Education Service, despite the fact that he is aware that the likelihood of his being reinstated into the service is remote.

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