The bodies of eight people killed in a shooting incident in Zakoli have been buried

Unknown shooters shot and killed eight people at Zakoli, Yendi Municipality, Northern Region, and they were laid to rest at the Vittin Cemetery in Tamale Metropolis.


Following an autopsy, the bodies were handed over to the Fulani Community’s Executives.


The bodies had been kept at the Tamale Teaching Hospital Mortuary until Sunday morning (April 17) when they were retrieved for the final Islamic funeral rites and transported to the cemetery for burial.

Fulani community members from all around the region gathered to pay their respects.


Osman Jallo, who lost three siblings in the horrific massacre, told JoyNews that he had given up hope in life.


“I’m traumatized and heartbroken. “I’ve lost three of my younger brothers, and I’ve given up hope in life,” he explained.

Mr. Jallo reported that in addition to his siblings’ deaths, their home was plundered and burned to the ground, and that they lost everything.


“We lost everything, and with the rains coming down, we have no other option.” Mr. Jallo explained, “We don’t have food to eat, and we don’t have anyone.”


He made an impassioned plea to Ghanaians and the government to help them.


On his part, Ali Sunday demanded that the dead be given justice and that the government intervene.

“It’s so pitiful,” he said. “We believe justice must be served, and the government must intervene in the right direction.”


He believes that proactive actions must be done to address the situation.


They live in fear and are traumatized, according to Mr. Ali. “Imagine you’re there and all of a sudden, you’re attacked and you can’t do anything,” he said. “We’re terrified and traumatized,” says the narrator. It will be recalled that unknown gunmen attacked three Fulani communities in the Northern Region’s Yendi Municipality, killing eight people and badly injuring four others.


Despite the fact that no arrests have been made, the police have informed the public that they are closing in on some good leads. The people have not yet received assistance.

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