The struggle is real: Gabby on Ghana’s ailing economy

Gabby Otchere-Darko, a member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and a private attorney, has acknowledged the harshness of the Ghanaian economy and how it affects the populace.


He claims that “the struggle is real.”


The NPP member lamented the rising rate of inflation and the hardship it is causing for Ghanaians in a Facebook post on Friday.


“If this inflation does not slow down, it will soon be racing alone because earnings are finding it difficult to even see the shadow of inflation in the distance, let alone the many unemployed people who have no income. He wrote, The battle is real”.

If this inflation does not stop galloping, soon it will be racing alone on its own because incomes are struggling to even see the back of inflation’s distant shadow, never mind the many unemployed with no income. The struggle is real…

The country’s September inflation rate of 37.2% was the highest in the previous ten years. Compared to the 33.9% reported in August 2022, this is.


The Ghana Statistical Service reports that in September, five categories had inflation rates that were higher than the country as a whole.


Citizens have therefore been forced to resurrect their appeals for the government to act to address the situation.

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