Thomas Partey changes name to Yakubu

Thomas Partey, a member of the Black Stars football team, has officially changed his name to Yakubu after converting to Islam following his recent marriage to the Moroccan woman Sara Bella.


In spite of the fact that he has changed his name, the midfielder will continue to be known as Partey when he is representing Arsenal.


In addition to this, the 28-year-old will continue to wear the name Thomas on the reverse of his shirt when he is competing.


“I have a girl I love, I know my side chicks will leave me, but it’s no problem,” he joked in an Instagram video posted by Ghanaian journalist Nana Aba Anamoah, which was quoted by Pulse. “I know my side chicks will leave me, but it’s no problem,” he added.


I was raised in a Muslim household, therefore to me, all religions are the same in the end. My Muslim name is Yakubu, and I’ve been married for some time now.


Partey was brought up as a Christian in east Ghana, but in March he revealed to his country’s media that he had converted to Islam as a result of Bella.


Around the middle of March, a photograph of him in London with a Sheikh that showed the two of them holding the Quran, which is the holy book of Islam, was shared on social media.


After officially converting to Islam and tying the knot with Bella, Partey is now going by the name Yakubu to show his commitment to the religion.


As a result of injuries and suspensions, Partey was only able to play for Arsenal a total of 26 times across all competitions during the previous season.

Thomas Partey

His season was cut short when he suffered a hamstring injury on April 4 while the Gunners were playing at Crystal Palace and losing 3-0. As a result, the Gunners lost their chance to finish in the top four to their fiercest rivals, Tottenham Hotspur.


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