Three shot dead at Bawku

On Tuesday, August 16, 2022, three people died at Bawku in what is thought to have been a targeted shoot-and-kill.


The deceased, identified as Bunyaminu Adam, Fatawu Ibrahim, and Ibrahim Abdulai, were ambushed by masked gunmen as they entered the Bawku township from Bolgatanga and were shot in front of the Bawku Secondary School.

The three were traveling home when they were attacked, according to information obtained by coversourcenews from sources at Bawku.


Following the daylight murder of the travelers, there was a new gunfight in the vicinity that resulted in one death and numerous injuries.

Three shot dead at Bawku
Three shot dead at Bawku

The ongoing Chieftaincy Dispute in Bawku has purportedly been connected to the recent gunfight that occurred on Tuesday.


Residents who are in fear reported hearing gunshots nonstop for several hours as security forces work to manage the situation.


Stephen Yakubu, the minister for the Upper East Region, has issued a calm-down order as the town prepares for the Wednesday, August 17, 2022 visit of the Parliamentary Committee on Defense and Interior.

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