Too Much Cheating – Rev Obofour Hints His Marriage Is Over As He Cries That Bofowaa Is Fed Up With Him

In a recent lecture on how to handle an irritated wife, Rev. Obofour, pastor and head of the Anointed Palace Chapel, alluded at the presence of fire in his marriage.


There is practically nothing a man would do to make a woman happy when she is fed up with him, claims Obofour, who seems to be speaking from experience.


Such a man, according to him, can say the sweetest things in the world, but she won’t find any of them to be sweet.

Obofour stated, “A man can try his best to satisfy a wife who is tired of him in bed, but she will be as dry as the Sahara.” He said that the best course of action in such a scenario is to pack your belongings and go because nothing can be done to fix the situation.


If you didn’t know, there are many rumors that Obofour is a serial adulterer who has fathered children out of wedlock and been pregnant by other women.


The worst part, according to one PhD in nkonkonsa who spilled the beans, is that he brings his unborn children home, leaving his wife Bofowaa responsible for taking care of them.

If you were Bofowaa in such scenario, you would be frustrated as well!


It makes sense why she allegedly ran away from home after packing her luggage.

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