Two teenagers drown in pool at Aplaku Hill

Two families are demanding justice for their teenage children, both of whom were found dead in a pool at an event center on Aplaku Hill under unexplained circumstances.


Christabel Agyekum, 18, and Olivia Tetteh, 17, both attended their respective senior high schools when they were killed. Tetteh was a student at St. John’s Senior High School, and Agyekum attended Saltpond Senior High School.


According to the information that was acquired, the two individuals went to the resort with the intention of having a pool session; however, the live guard prevented them from doing so and went in search of a life jacket for them.


On the other hand, upon returning to duty in fewer than five minutes, the live guard is said to have encountered the two adolescents at the pool’s deep end.


According to reports, both individuals were wearing their clothes when they perished in the section of the pool that was seven feet in depth.


During an interview with Adom News, the lifeguard and management of the hotel presented a situational report. The families of the victims have disputed the accuracy of this report.


It is incomprehensible to the father of one of the victims, who also works as an immigration officer, how the two teens could have drowned in the pool only five minutes after reportedly entering it.


He believes that the whole thing is a fabrication designed to hide the true events that took place on the morning of Monday, June 13th.


The mother of Christabel Agyekum, Jospehine Amoah, has demanded that the authorities conduct an investigation into the incident and bring justice to the families involved.

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