Veteran Nigerian actress Patience Ozokwo is 64 years old today, and she has taken the time to share valuable nuggets with all

At 64 years old, her life’s experiences, exposure, regrets, and difficulties have greatly influenced who she is today.


She has made the decision to share what they should be doing as they navigate life with those who are willing to listen.


Patience Ozokwo, who is known for taking on contentious roles in films, encourages people to stay true to themselves in a recent Instagram post.


“As you get older, you start to realize more and more that life is about the person you have become and the people you have been blessed with, not about how you look or what you own.”

Patience Ozokeo

One of the greats who made a significant contribution to the spread of Nigerian films across the continent was Patience Ozkwo.


She is a veteran who has made her sacrifices, and her films are quite irresistible. She believes that the only thing that matters is being oneself.

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