VIDEO: Mzbel drops banger for Afia Schwar titled ‘Asibolanga’

Afia Schwar and famed singer Mzbel appear to still be at odds as the former has created a hot track to taunt her ex-friend.

Since accusing each other of insulting the other roughly three years ago, Mzbel and Afia Schwar have not been getting along very well. The two have been insulting each other whenever they got the chance. Throughout their latest and previous fights, socialite Nana Tornado gave Afia Schwar many amusing nicknames. Asibolanga, Fufu Funu, Yaa Baaya, and the most recent name introduced by Nana Tornado, Sarafina, are a few of the names that have gained popularity.

When addressing her in online comments, most people now refer to her by one of these identities rather than her true name because they are more common. It appears that Mzbel has joined the group of those who have been making fun of Afia by calling the socialite ridiculous names that Nana Tornado has given them.


Mzbel can be seen singing in a video posted to social media under the humorous but well-known stage name “Asibolanga.” Cartoons illustrating Afia Schwar’s stature were featured in the song.

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