VIDEO: “They’re all falsehoods,” says Brother Sammy’s wife, breaking her silence on allegations of their divorce

Mrs. Perpertual Opoku aka Obaa Yaa, the wife of famed Ghanaian gospel artist Brother Sammy, has finally spoken out about rumors in the media that she and the latter are no longer married.


Brother Sammy claimed on UTV that his wife was no longer picking up his calls after one of his sons lied about bringing a woman to their matrimonial house when she was in the hospital delivering their second child, despite the fact that it was a huge lie.


Soon after this disclosure, an anonymous woman said in an audiotape that Brother Sammy’s wife had returned the drink he used to ask for her hand in marriage four months ago.


After all of the commotion in the media, Brother Sammy and his wife were able to put their disagreements to rest in an interview with Kofi Adomah on Kofi TV.


Brother Sammy stated in an interview monitored by Ghanaweb news online that she was indoctrinated by her husband’s houseboy to leave the marriage since he was a cheat.


Brother Sammy’s wife also stated that all rumors of her divorce are untrue and that she has no plans to divorce her husband.


Obaa Yaa went on to say that all of these lies nearly destroyed her marriage and that she has learned a lot from it. She added that going forward, she has learned that she should trust her husband more than anyone else.


Watch the video below to see the interview.

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