What Have We Done Wrong? – Michael Afrane Asks Akuffo Addo

Michael Afrane, a prominent actor and producer from Ghana, is the most recent celebrity to criticize the president of Ghana for the difficulties being experienced by the country’s inhabitants.


In a recent video, the producer has posed a question to the Ghanaian government, in which he asks whether or not he has been treated unfairly, in order to determine whether or not we should apologize to him because what we are currently experiencing is very intolerable.

President Akuffo tells us to plead if we have wronged you. . When my daughter returned home with the oil (GHC10) that she had purchased for me, it opened my eyes to the reality of the situation that we are facing right now. He said. After that, he proceeded to inquire of Akffo how much cement was present at the time he was elected president.

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