Why Christians don’t need guns – Pastor Adeboye explains

Pastor E.A. Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), has stated that Christians do not require firearms for the purpose of self-defense.


On Sunday, Adeboye provided clarification regarding an earlier sermon in which he was described as having advised Christians to purchase firearms for the sake of self-protection, particularly within the context of religious services held in churches.


According to him, Samson won his battles in biblical times using jaw bones rather than an automatic weapon like an AK-47.


This information was divulged by a revered clergyman at Mount Carmel during the monthly thanksgiving service at the church, during which he was delivering his message entitled “Meant for the top.”


Remember that a Catholic church in Ondo State was assaulted while people were attending Sunday services, resulting in a number of deaths and injuries to a far larger number of people.


Adeboye claims that no one can be slain before the appointed hour, and he emphasizes that no one should avoid going to church out of fear of being attacked.


Adeboye is quoted as having declared, “I have never asked Christians to purchase firearms, and Christians have no need for firearms.” Samson did not engage his opponents while armed with an AK-47. Do not go out and purchase firearms. In the same breath that he emphasized the fact that they needed permission to purchase firearms, he pointed out that they do not need permission to obtain the jawbone of a cow.


The authorities in charge of law enforcement have presently imposed a ban on the issuance of gun licenses and the registration of firearms.


The clergyman continued by saying, “You do not require authorization to purchase the jaws bones of a cow.”


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