Why I couldn’t attend UCC in Ghana” – Patoranking opens up

Nigerian singer Patokranking has explained why he was unable to enroll at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana despite having been accepted. He claimed that, in contrast to the students in his community, he was charged in dollars.


Speaking after his visit to Ghana on Hitz FM. Patoranking claimed he did not comprehend why fees for international students had to be paid in US dollars.


According to Patoranking, the fees were outrageous given the current exchange rate. But the singer was unaware that the fees would have an effect on his enrollment, his chances for a future career, and his physical development.

International students were once charged in dollars at the University of Cape Coast.


After reaching him, his father urged him to abandon his plans to enroll at UCC.


“My son, I am aware that you desire to attend UCC to further your education, but you have siblings. Having them experience secondary education will be nice. Since Patroranking was unable to attend UCC, he was given the chance to rediscover himself and utilize his singing potential, which ultimately led to the development of who he is today.

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