Wode Maya and his wife receive houses as wedding gifts

A well-known Ghanaian YouTuber named Wode Maya recently wed his longtime Kenyan girlfriend and fellow YouTuber Trudy. The two adored birds have reportedly received thousands of gifts from their friends and fans who are dispersed throughout the world as a result of their status as international celebrities.


The wedding gifts of two-bedroom and one-bedroom apartments, respectively, from a wealthy fan who is into real estate development, have left many on social media in awe.

The two-bedroom and one-bedroom houses were given to Wode Maya by his “Kenyan Mom,” Mama Mutoni, as he affectionately refers to her, who is the owner of Reyata Services Apartments, and were given to him and his wife, respectively.


Wode Maya is seen touring the facility with Julius Mwale, the founder of the Mwale Medical and Technology City in Kenya, in a captivating video that documents every moment of their wedding.

Wode Maya was told by Mr. Mwale, “This is your unit now, and you can finish it to your tastes. What do you mean it’s my unit now? Is it available for rent or what?


“No, you now own this. Wode Maya was perplexed by Mr. Mwale’s response, “This is a gift to you for coming to Kenya as an in-law from this community.


Wode Maya, who previously claimed to have received a lot of hatred from Kenyans, is heard saying later on in the video:

“I received a two-bedroom apartment from a Kenyan as a wedding gift,” I said, and his wife Trudy concurred, “and I received a one-bedroom apartment.

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