Young Ghanaian Graduate Creates Social Media Platform Stayplain Meant To Rival Facebook & TikTok

Israel Acheampong, a UDS alumnus, has unveiled Stayplain, a new social networking site. The smart app developer claims that since he was a student, he has long desired to accomplish this dream. The young man claims that a special feature of the Stayplain app allows users to post on other social networking sites they use.


Israel stated that he had been dreaming of the creation of the social media network for years while revealing the information to cover source news.

He claims that he is making every effort to ensure that Stayplain becomes the most sophisticated platform, surpassing competitors like Facebook and TikTok that have grown firmly entrenched among young people.

The new socializing app, called Stayplain, is enjoyable, simple to use, and will improve social media usage. Users of the app can also contribute information, which can take the shape of essays, event reports, updates from people’s life, and text, image, and video files.


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