Young lady rejoices after ‘graduating’ from salesgirl to boss’ wife

A stunning Nigerian woman described how she rose quickly through the ranks from a salesgirl to the boss’s wife. Oluoma Bernadine used TikTok to document how her ex-boss became her husband by uploading a number of videos of herself and the fortunate man in her life.


The young woman was in an ecstatic mood in some of the videos seen on her TikTok account as she sang and danced in front of the camera and thanked God for raising her status.


When your boss got married to you, was the caption for one of the brief videos.

“From sales girl to oga wife, I’m forever grateful Lord,” and “I remember when I was a common sales girl but am now the madam of the same shop.”


The cherry on top is that she also has a child with her alleged boss, who she has shamelessly been seen promoting in numerous videos on her page.

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